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    Dynasty MU Game Rules


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    Dynasty MU Game Rules

    Post by Profectus on Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:14 pm

    Game Rules :
    Following the rules is essential for you while playing in our server.
    Not following those rules will result in losing our support at needed times.

    1.Personal and account information.
    -You should not share personal / account information with other people.
    -You cannot sell your account for real money, accounts in other servers and etc.
    -The Dynasty MU Staff will never ask you for your personal / account data.
    -The Dynasty MU Staff is not responsible for stolen personal / account data.

    2.Cheats, patches, programs, bugs.
    -Using 3rd party programs, game modifications and etc. for in-game advantage will result in account ban.
    -Using skins isn’t punishable but any lost items due to use of skins will not be returned.

    3.Trading process.
    -Selling items, accounts or anything else from other MU Online servers is forbidden.
    -Selling real-life products in the game is forbidden.
    -While trading items you can call a Game Master to observe the trading process ( anti-scam precaution ).
    -Dynasty Mu Staff is not responsible for stolen items due to players negligence.

    -Advertising other MU Online servers will result in permanent account ban.
    -Advertising other sites, forums, blogs, games will result in permanent account ban.
    -Advertising real-life products will result in permanent account ban.

    5.In-game behavior.
    -Swearing at players is not punishable.
    -You cannot make character names close to Game Master names.
    -The so called “spamming on /post” is allowed.
    -Trying to scam other players will lead to permanent account ban.
    -Threatening a person with ban is forbidden.
    -Offending the Dynasty Mu Staff will result in account ban.

    Good luck and enjoy your stay in our server!
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    Re: Dynasty MU Game Rules

    Post by Baphomet on Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:35 pm



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    Re: Dynasty MU Game Rules

    Post by MrFarid on Thu Jan 16, 2014 7:01 pm


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    Re: Dynasty MU Game Rules

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