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    Post by Yume1991 on Wed Jan 15, 2014 12:48 am

    Q&A is short for "Questions and Answers". It shouldn't be to hard to understand what the event is about after you have heard what Q&A stands for. The GM/TGM asks questions and all you have to do is answer them correctly. The first one to answer the question correctly using the /post command will win.

    Hide and Seek.
    The hide and seek event is a well known and loved event by many players. The GM/TGM online hides somewhere in a map of his/her choice and will let you know what map it is and you will have to find the GM/TGM and trade him/her to win the prize. The first one to find the GM/TGM and trade him/her will win. Note: GM's are allowed to use skins for this event.(It makes it more fun)

    The title speaks for itself. The GM/TGM online will post a word that has been scrambled up and the first one to unscramble it and /post it will be the winner.

    Bring me event.
    In this event, The GM/TGM online will request members to retreave them an item of theire choice and will ask for a particular type of options on it. The GM/TGM online will also state the map he/she are in and will state the coordinates as well, so as soon as you have found what the GM/TGM has been asking for, bring it to him/her and give it to them using trade.

    Mathimatical event.
    This is basically the same as Q&A but just using maths.

    Race event.
    The race event is a event that involves all clases. It usually takes 2 GM's to host. One to check who the winner is, the other to check on the players who are taking part. Running around. The GM/TGM online will state the coordinates you have to be at, and also state if you should use wings/boots/pets. Up to the GM.

    Fill in the gaps event.
    In this event you (The member) have to fill in the gaps that are missing out of the GM's/TGM's sentence. Examples:
    The hometown of Rage Fighter is _________.
    The answer: Lorencia.
    The first one to say Lorencia, wins.

    Drop event.
    This event is just like Christmas. A GM will tell you what map to gather at and he will be dropping item or jewel or seed sphere

    Harder events.

    PK Event.
    The famous PK event. Well since you all know, we do have a PKing arena now in devias. So a GM/TGM will announce that this event will take place, and will also announce what class it is for. He will either ask for a PM or a Mail as your registrationg. Be patient while he moves you. The GM/TGM online will state the rules and the last man standing will win.

    Mass PK.
    This is the same as the PK event but in the mass PK it is for all classes.

    Last man standing.
    The last man standing event starts with a PK event of a certain class and the winner of that pk event will stay in the devias ring and the GM/TGM online will announce that the last man standing event is about to happen. What happens then? If you want to fight against the winner you PM/Mail the GM/TGM and he will move you. The one person to beat the winner of the PK event will win.

    Tag team event.
    The tag team event is a event for teams. Usually only two people are allowed in a team but sometimes we allow 3-4. What you have to do? Collect a team, mail the GM/TGM online your team and you wait for a reply saying you have been registered in the event. The GM/TGM will do the rest, you just have to survive until the final round.

    Defend the queen.
    Defending the Queen event. The GM/TGM online will ask for 4 Body guards. One DL, One SM, One ELF, One BK. He/she will move his team to a area where he can be in a coror and he/she will ask them to defend him/her. The GM/TGM online will announce the coordinates that he/she are at and the first one to kill the GM/TGM will win. (Body guards get prizes.)

    Defend the GM.
    Defend the GM is the same as defend the queen but you dont have to kill the GM, just trade him/her. (Body guards get prizes)

    Kill the GM.
    A quick event that GMs/TGMs like to do randomly, he/she will move themselves to a random place and tell every one where he/she have moved to and the first one to kill the GM/TGM will win.

    Catch me if you can.
    When the GM/TGM online announces this event, he will tell you all to come to "Devias high gate" you will have to stay inside until he/she allows you to come out. The GM/TGM will use a fenrir and will run away. The first one to catch him/her by trade will win.

    Big races.
    This is the same as a race event but GM's need assistance from 3-4 other GM's. You will usually be racing from Tarkan to Atlans3 and from Atlans3 to Noria.

    Guild PK event.
    This is the same as a PK event the only difference is that it will be the whole guild pking against another guild. Prizes are usually sing of lords.


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    Post by DemiurgeMolecule on Thu Jan 16, 2014 3:44 pm

    Stop copying like this stuffs from the other forum. It's obviously copied from another community.
    I won't say where did you get it but i know it's not originally made from you.

    Moving these to recycle bin. Don't do it again. If you want something like this, why don't you work hard for it make your own guides. Copying guides is strictly prohibited!

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    Post by Profectus on Thu Jan 16, 2014 5:29 pm

    well this kind of act is very depressing..
    You were chosen by an ADMIN to be one of our Forum Helper here, so you should be a good example to other members.
    Aside from that you're one of our staffs..
    If this act of immaturity will happen again we will demote you or loose an advantage of being promoted to a higher rank
    and loose the support coming from the staff..

    Hope that you will change and please have a courage to make stuff's or suggest an idea made by your own mind..
    Gathering some slight info is acceptable but copying it all is a childish act..

    Your cooperation and understanding will be highly appreciated..

    Thank you and happy gaming Wink

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