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    [Rules for Forum Helper]


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    [Rules for Forum Helper]

    Post by Profectus on Fri Jan 17, 2014 4:25 am

    To all Forum Helper.

    For our new Forum Helpers, your task is to answer the players questions or concerns.
    Be a good example to other members, because you are now part of the Staff.
    The ADMINS, Game Masters, Super Moderators, and Moderators will be observing if you are doing your job.
    Failure to do his assigned task will be demoted.

    1st: Forum Helper have the priority of giving a Warning to other members if he violated one of the Forum rules. (but do not abuse your rank.)

    2nd: Forum Helper are not allowed to spam in any restricted section or a Spam free thread.
    (You're part of the Staff now) If an ADMIN, GM, S.MOD or MOD will catch you spamming in other section with a non sense Post/Thread
    you will be punished.
      -1st offense: will be 3 days banned
      -2nd offense: will be 7 days banned
      -3rd offense:will be demoted from his/her Rank

    3rd: if you will be inactive for 7 days without telling any ADMINS you will be demoted.
     (Tell the ADMINS or the Head Game Master that you will not be online for a couple of days and provide them with a valid reason.)

    NOTE: You must be familiar with the Rules and Regulations in Forum and in Game and you must have a wide knowledge about MU online Season 6, so that you can further assist or answer the players question/problem..

    Good Luck to our Forum Helpers and don't let us down..

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