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    [Application for Designer]


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    [Application for Designer]

    Post by Profectus on Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:51 pm

    Greetings Players,

    We're hiring for a new member for the GFX Team also known as DESIGNER,
    If you have the talent of making signatures or avatars,this is your chance to get the rank for DESIGNER...
    Kindly fill up the following..

    -Willing to make signature requested by other member or staff
    -Must know the Forum and Game Rules
    -Being active in forum is an advantage

    Application form
    Character Name:



    Are you willing to grant the Signature/Avatar request from other members and staff?:

    What do you feel you can bring to our players as a Designer?

    Additional information about your self:

    Sample of your Signature's work:
    (minimum of 3 signature samples)

    There is no deadline, the application will closed if we have chosen who will fit for this rank..

    Good luck guys!!

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