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    hope u like it


    this is my application

    hope u like it

    Post by this is my application on Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:47 pm

    Application form
    Character Name: none d.l plng
    Country: pilipinas
    Are you willing to grant the Signature/Avatar
    request from other members and staff?:yes

    What do you feel you can bring to our players
    as a Designer?
    Hell yes. Doing something that is not in
    your comfort zone is always scary. Even
    within the company it took a lot of
    convincing to show people this was the
    right way to go and I feel we succeeded in
    both creating something new and staying
    true to what is all about. For me
    personally and as a Game and Level
    Designer I always want to innovate. To
    create something that hasn't been done
    before. I believe that keeps it fun for both
    the developers and ultimately the players as

    Additional information about your self: graduate ng i.t im live in olongapo city and i have a baby 3 monthx na sha pamilyadong tao at hardworking sana sa gagawn ku design maguxtuhan ninyo thankx

    Additional information about your self:
    Sample of your Signature's work:
    (minimum of 3 signature samples)

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    Re: hope u like it

    Post by Profectus on Thu Jan 23, 2014 7:53 pm

    again guys please follow the Application Format.
    If you want to apply just post a reply on the Application Thread for the GFX Member..
    And by the way you must be a registered member in our Forum..

    Application denied.. *(not following a simple rule and not a registered Forum Member)

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